Why Yoga?


Have you wondered Why Yoga? What’s the hype all about?

Let me tell you about my Why?. I wanted to do something different. I thought I would like to try taking up yoga. I had never done it, but there was a beginner class at a local studio. I signed up and went with my mat and excited to try it out. When I walked in, I was not really greeted warmly and not told anything – see, being a beginner, I expected to be told a little bit before I hit the mat. The first thing the teacher did was take away my mat, because it was not the right kind and give me a studio mat. That’s fine – but she didn’t explain much. Then I realized this was “hot” yoga. I was just starting menopause and the hot flashes did not like this “hot” studio. there was not much I could do about it, so I stayed and sweated along with everyone else. She did explain poses, so it was’t bad – but this was not for me.

Normally I would have just written it off, and moved on to another exercise to try. But I said, I didn’t like it more because of the heat. I wanted to find some place that didn’t heat the studio to over 95 degrees. I found another place that did a full beginner series. I signed up for it and went – but I bought a real yoga mat first. I didn’t want to look like a fool again with the wrong mat. The studio was comfortable temperature – 80 degrees. The teacher greeted me with her name and welcomed me telling me where to go and what to do. The class was slow and simple – just went over the basics. Great – I can do this I said. After the class, the teacher told me that when I signed up, I opted for a private lesson, and to just tell her when I would be able to come in for it. Really, a private yoga lesson – I was having a problem coming to the studio and trying to be obscure in the back, never mind a 1 on 1. But I did it. I scheduled the lesson and I was slightly intimidated (well, more than slightly). As we went through some of the posing, she got me into Tree pose and commented that my balance was pretty good. I retorted – “it was much better when I was 20 pounds lighter”. And she proceeded to tell me that was Himsa – and in that studio we practice Ahimsa. Himsa is violence against one’s self. Ahimsa is non-violence. Suddenly, in that moment, a huge light bulb went on and I realized the self-abuse I do to myself daily. Put in that perspective, I would never let someone else berate me – so why was it okay to berate myself. It isn’t – plain and simple. This studio is now like an extended family to me, and I started my 200 hour yoga teacher training here to be able to give back to others what it did for me.

So that is my why. And there are so many reasons that yoga can benefit you too. This is a great article regarding all of the benefits from Yoga Journal –http://www.yogajournal.com/article/health/count-yoga-38-ways-yoga-keeps-fit/– check it out!

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