Why Yoga?


Have you wondered Why Yoga? What’s the hype all about?

Let me tell you about my Why?. I wanted to do something different. I thought I would like to try taking up yoga. I had never done it, but there was a beginner class at a local studio. I signed up and went with my mat and excited to try it out. When I walked in, I was not really greeted warmly and not told anything – see, being a beginner, I expected to be told a little bit before I hit the mat. The first thing the teacher did was take away my mat, because it was not the right kind and give me a studio mat. That’s fine – but she didn’t explain much. Then I realized this was “hot” yoga. I was just starting menopause and the hot flashes did not like this “hot” studio. there was not much I could do about it, so I stayed and sweated along with everyone else. She did explain poses, so it was’t bad – but this was not for me. Read more… “Why Yoga?”

My Thyroid Journey

I have had hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease for the past 20 years – give or take a year or two.  I have decided to take the bold step and heal my thyroid.  I bought Andre a Beaman’s book, Happy, Healthy Thyroid.  I listened to her as a speaker in my Health Coaching classes.  She really didn’t resonate with me at all.  I questioned whether it was even possible to heal your thyroid after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  There must be something that she is not eluding to that she was able to do it.   I was totally skeptical. Read more… “My Thyroid Journey”

The Alchemist and my Personal Legend

My all time favorite book is The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho  the-alchemist– I am sure it is a favorite of a lot of us.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.  It is a story about a boy, Santiago, who is on his quest for treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt – it is his Personal Legend.

The book, although is just a story, is pretty much a self-help book.  It teaches us that we should all be on a quest for our Personal Legend.  We all have a mission – a reason to be here.  Some of us are in jobs we don’t like, marriages we are unhappy in, socialize with people we really don’t want to be with – all because we are afraid to change – afraid  to give up the security that has become our life.

Do you know what your mission is?   I have always had a idea of what would make me happy – what my mission would be, but  life has gotten in the way.   I found my way into my career, pretty much by taking chances, and having great bosses that gave me the opportunities to take those chances.  I left the clinical side of the health care industry to get involved in management, and then in computer systems.  Neither of these is fulfilling to me – they gave me a great career, a roof over my head, food on the table and lots of other amenities.  But they don’t fill my soul.  I am still missing something. Read more… “The Alchemist and my Personal Legend”